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3 min readNov 5, 2018

E-commerce requires awesome product data to support successful search and conversion. Product data for the online grocery market is currently being created manually. Retailers are struggling to acquire the rich product data necessary to support their online needs. Brands are struggling to generate good data.

IceCream Labs CatalogIQ is designed to automatically extract attributes from product images. Using either label mechanicals or actual product images of the packaging, CatalogIQ can extract text from the labels. From there, the artificial intelligence in CatalogIQ understands what the text is and inserts it into the appropriate product attribute. The AI can also determine which images are the hero image, and front, back and side images.

CatalogIQ identifies brand names, sub-brands, and variants, normalizing the brand to the appropriate text. titles are generated from various attributes to create an SEO-rich title to optimize search. Other key attributes include feature/benefits, ingredients and nutrition facts.

Sample CatalogIQ extraction (front/rear)

CatalogIQ can score the data to help the merchandising and e-commerce teams understand which product records have been enhanced.

  • Missing attributes
  • Accuracy of attributes (are all of the attributes congruent?)
  • How unique are the attributes?
  • Is your product record SEO optimized?
  • Do you have relevant search keywords?
  • How well does your product data match up to customer site searches?

Grocery merchandising teams have the chore of uploading new catalogs from suppliers and manufacturers. Often this data arrives in the form of a spreadsheet. CatalogIQ can easily upload a new catalog file (in spreadsheet form) to quickly and easily complete the ingestion process.

Grocery retailer and channel partners expect high-quality product data to list and sell your products online. Can you deliver the content?

CatalogIQ allows brand and product managers to auto-generate high-quality product data directly from product label mechanicals and/or product images. If you’re currently using manual processes to create product content and to check the accuracy of product data, then let CatalogIQ help you automate the creation process. You’ll be able to complete the data creation process much faster than manual methods. CatalogIQ can also validate the content and ensure that it matches what is contained on all of the product labelings.

  • Quality product images including relevant Nutrition Facts
  • Accurate meta-data, including attributes like: allergens, sugar-free, Kosher certified, Non-GMO and other facets
  • Complete, standardized and SEO enabled titles
  • SEO rich descriptions
  • Correct product categorization

As a merchandising manager with a large product catalog, you know the difficulties of reviewing your product data and ensuring that everything in the catalog is ready to publish live to customers. There is always the nagging concern that something is inaccurate or missing when you push the “publish” button. Every time that you receive new data from your suppliers, it’s a chore to process the data. You have a long checklist to complete before you can publish data to the live catalog. Processing this checklist can consume all of your time.

  • High quality product data
  • Improve product page discoverability
  • Increase product sales

Originally published at icecreamlabs.com on November 5, 2018.



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